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Shishalh Nation Land Use Map of the Sechelt Peninsula
The shishálh nation has included the area of the proposed Northern mine site in a "conservation area" that prohibits any commercial activities including logging and mining operations.

The following is taken from the Strategic Land Use for the shishálh Nation.:


6.2.8 spipiyus swiya lil xemit tems swiya (Caren Range Conservation Area)
Area Description
The spipiyus swiya lil xemit tems swiya (Caren Range Conservation Area) comprises
approximately 14,640 hectare area located on Sechelt Peninsula, extending northwest from
ch’átlich (Sechelt) to east of the kálpilín (Pender Harbour) area. shíshálh community members
use this area heavily for cultural harvesting activities, including hunting, plant gathering, and
fishing. Protection of this area was strongly supported through the shíshálh land use planning
community consultation process. There is also very significant community concern and opposition
to a proposed aggregate mine development within the spipiyus swiya lil xemit tems swiya.
Key Values, Including:

- Extremely high cultural and spiritual values, including:
--- Heavily used by community members for cultural harvesting activities, including hunting,
gathering and fishing

- Spiritual activities

- Youth cultural education programs

- Material culture remains

- High wildlife/biodiversity values, including:
--- One of the main areas for k’éyich (Elk) recovery
--- Remnant patches of old growth; including oldest recorded tixw-ay (Yellow Cedar)
--- Close to main shíshálh band lands

- Boundareis includes a community drinking watershed that supplies water to the kálpilín
(Pender Harbour) area.
Key Management Issues, Including:
--- Maintenance and rehabilitation of shíshálh cultural use sites.
--- Conflict with proposed major mine development
--- Protection of shíshálh cultural harvest resources and sites

Area Specific Management Direction, Including:
- As outlined in Table 17.

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